English Patient: Hot Dogs

Friend: "What kind of hot dog do you want?"

English Patient: "Oh, could you get me a polished dog?"

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Korean Patient:
You may want to get details from Lem, because he told this story while we were on the Cam2 trip and I might remember some of them incorrectly.

Back when people were still using Korean words like "noona" and "hyung" to address each other, Lem was still new enough to not have figured everything out yet. Wanting to fit in, he thought, hey, I can do this, too. So one day, he called out loudly, "Timothy oppa!" (the word girls use to address older boys) and wondered why everyone had fallen silent. After a moment, Tim Fitz(?) told him "No, no, it's hyung!"

Lem could never really get over the absurdity of a white person telling a Filipino person how to properly use Korean vocabulary.

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