Target Neutralized

Sister E: What?  You thought I wasn't a citizen of America?  I was neutralized in middle school!

English Patient: Skyscrapers

Setting: As Brother P was driving down to Southern California with a carload of guys, he decides that he'll be a tour guide to those who have never been down to So Cal.

Brother P: "We will soon be approaching downtown LA, and you will see sky scraps."

A Child-Sized Burrito

During one of the trips, Peter of Gracepoint Berkeley ran into a burrito shop in Seattle that gives new meaning to the phrase "child-sized".  This is reminiscent of a previous post about a child-sized food item.

11/2 miles

During a hiking trip to Summit Lake, Sister K looks at the hiking trail sign (shown below) and says, "What is eleven slash two miles?  What does that even mean?"

Note: The sign IS confusing in terms of font size and spacing.  So I understand, Sister K.

English Patient Debut

Brother W: Hey, we got a new soundboard!  Awesome!  When are we going to de-butt it?

Why English Patients Shouldn't Right Signs

I am not sure if the second sign is written by the same person, as a correction to the first sign.  I guess we shouldn't eat the food, because it's for our New Student Welcome Student.

Yo-Yo Ma the Comedian

Many students of Gracepoint Davis were excitedly talking about the upcoming concert where the world-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma would be playing.
Suddenly, one of the students exclaim, "Wait, he's a musician?  I thought he was a comedian!  Why is his name Yo Mama?"

Understanding Children

Setting: Some Austin staff and their children are hanging out..

Emily (10 months old): da da da da.

Brother DL: Hey Chloe (2.5 years old), what is Emily trying to say?

Chloe: (looks at her dad with a flat look)  She is saying, "da da da da."

Disgusting Thought

While talking about milk, Sister T proclaims: 

"Sometimes I forget milk comes from cows! ...  Oh my gosh, is milk their pee?"


Setting: Brother E go out to buy diapers for Baby L, and this is what they came back with.  One could buy the excuse that he doesn't understand Chinese, but notice the English translation as the universally understandable picture.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...