Pastor Ed Kang vs. Daniel

Here's a video of Pastor Ed and me a few years back when we were building the Sierra Lodge.

I can tell you mockers out there that if we were to have this competition today, I can out-hammer Pastor Ed any time...
And if some might point out that it's because Pastor Ed now has carpel tunnel on his wrists, I would answer, "And your point is?..."

Pure Awesomeness

This video is of Bryan Song (Gracepoint Austin), who currently has the record for the basketball shootout game, 200 points. There's nothing disgraceful about this, it's just pure awesomeness. The only thing disgraceful would be that we hear that Bryan has slowed down significantly ever since he became a father.


Brother M: So you're taking a class on evangelism. Have you read that book by Merry Pippin on evangelism?

Friend: ??

Brother M: It's about salt something.

Friend: Oh, you mean Out of the Salt Shaker by Becky Pippert.

Grumpy Old Men Interviews

Grumpy Old Men interview Gracepoint whipper-snappers. This video just makes people smile involuntarily. Happy Thanksgiving!

Common Sense Patient: Type of Steak

submitted by Laura Woods

Sister A: Hi Laura, can you buy the USDA sirloin? It’s on sale for $3.47 per pound. Buy that one… 20 pounds of it.

Laura: Okay, I’ll do that. Sister J, let’s go to the grocery store together. Remember, USDA, 3.47.. 20 pounds.

Sister J: Got it.

[They arrive at the grocery store]

Sister J: Excuse me. Do you have any USDA 347?

Man: Umm… we have tri-tip, sirloin…

Sister J: No, we want USDA 347.

English Patient: Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Sister C from Gracepoint Davis was looking for her car keys, and said to everyone,

“Okay, everyone! Peel your eyes!”

Disclaimer: The real slang is “to keep your eyes peeled”.. I know that many English Patients out there might object to this saying, “What is the difference?” After all, “keeping your eyes peeled” is practically the same as “peel your eyes.” And I must admit that the difference between the two phrases is quite nuanced, which makes it pretty difficult to explain why “peel your eyes” is funny. If I were pressed for an explanation, I would say that one is in the passive voice and the other is in the active, imperative voice. Don’t ask me, all you frustrated and confused English Patients, why that should suddenly make this phrase funny. It just does.

More Problematic Devotions

In a previous post, there was a sister who said that she enjoyed reading romance, by which she meant that she enjoyed reading the book of Romans.

I recently heard of a brother who said, "Hey guys! Let's do DT on Ramen together!"

Gracepoint Classic: Grumpy Old Men

Here's the original rendition of the videos being used for Gracepoint's latest message series, Thanksgiving Dare.

Gracepoint TC: DT

Another outstanding performance at Gracepoint TC... There's nothing really embarrassing about this performance, except for Michael & Joanna Kang's intro video, which was one of the sickest things ever.

Disgracepoint Paradise

Here's John Ko from last year's Thanksgiving Celebration. TC is where legends are made... good or bad. And this one was one of the bad ones.

Why Children Shouldn't Have Candy

This is a video that I took of my kids that demonstrate a powerful reason why parents should not feed their children any candy...

Michelle Hyper from Daniel Kim on Vimeo.

Technical Patient: Being Helpful

Setting: Brother K and Sister J, who are now married, used to work together at a computer lab together.

Brother K: Hmm... I think I need to wipe out the hard drive on this computer.

Sister J: Hold on, I'll get the Kleenex.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...