Q&A Session

Brother M: Let’s open it up for questions now.

Student: Yeah… so why do you think materialism and consumerism are so prevalent in our culture today?

Brother M: I don’t know!  I’m not a socialist.

[silence in the room]

Brother M: I mean… I’m not a sociologist.

Hurting: D.L. Moody

Setting: A group of people are sitting around and talking about different seminaries named after D.L. Moody, the great American evangelist.

Friend1: Isn't there one called Moody Theological Seminary?

Friend2: Yeah, but I think there's another one that's named after D.L. Moody.

Sister V: Oh, you mean Moody Fashion Institute?

English Patient Email

English Patient email:

"Thank you very much for praying for safe travel overseas.  I think I'm finally over my jetlegs."

Graduations from a Kid's Perspective

submitted by Jenn Chen

Setting: On Graduation Sunday, the seniors are putting on caps and gowns..

Kid: Wow, Teacher G, are you graduating?

Teacher G: Yes I am.

Kid: Woa, Teacher G!  You are old!  You'll be dead soon!

Basketball Dominance

Setting: Brother L comes back from basketball and talks to Brother D about it.

Brother L: Man!  John Korea was so good today!

Brother D: What?? No way!  John Korea?

Brother L: Yeah, he's good.  I'd take John Korea over you.

Brother D: No!  You're kidding me!  I'm offended!

Brother L: Seriously, he's pretty good.

Brother D: All right!  That's it!  Me and John Korea, 1-on-1.  Let's organize it..  I will totally school...   Wait... [long pause]  Who's John Korea?

Sierra Lodge Death Star

In 2007, when we were building our Sierra Lodge, we had some wasp problems...  Here's a picture of one of the biggest wasp nests that we've seen, and below is the video of how John Ko and Tony Sun took care of that.

Note: Some brothers mocked John Ko for running away from the fallen Death Star like a little cry-baby.  We could not reach John Ko for comments.  However, there were brothers (not shown in the video) who were actually in the house, who were so afraid that they ran away to the other side of the building, even though they were inside the house.  After this video came out, Pastor Ed Kang started to tell the brothers that they were being little cry-babies and claimed that he could crush those wasps nests with his hammer, right in front of his face.  The next time we went up to the Sierra Lodge with Pastor Ed, I challenged him to actually do it, and to my amazement, he actually did it even with wasps circling around him!  It turned out to be a good story, because he didn't get eaten up by the angry wasps, otherwise this story would be quite different.

Course 101 Analogies

Setting: Sister K was trying to explain to someone about the Christmas Tree analogy from Course 101... 

Sister K: "Umm... so it's like we're trees that have been cut at the roots... and we are dead, but not really... well... umm...  Actually, could I just talk like I'm a tree?"

Hurting: Austin Attraction

submitted by Bryan Song

Setting: Class of '09 brothers are visiting Gracepoint Austin and asking Pastor Manny what would be a good activity to do in Austin on Saturday.

Brother: So what should we do the rest of the afternoon here in Austin?

Pastor Manny: Since you guys are going to the Texas State history museum, I think it would be nice to also go to the LBJ library.

Brother: What? Lebron James has a library here in Austin!!? Awesome!!!

English Patient: Sleeping In

English Patient: I love oversleeping!!!

Friend: Do you mean sleeping in?

English Patient: I don't know.  Do I?

Gracepoint Kids: Problematic Theology

Setting: Dad is talking to his 6 year old daughter.

Dad: Allison, how come every night you stay up so late and don’t go to sleep?

Allison: Because God made me like this.

English Patient: Cram

Someone sends out an email:
“Hello everyone, I just wanted to send you this study sheet to you all.  In case you need to cramp today, just like me!”

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...