Demotivator Caption Winner

Here’s the winner for the Demotivator Caption!  BTW, there was another caption that was submitted anonymously which read: “Cal Football: No matter how much you pump it up, it always deflates”, which came in a close 3rd place in the polls.  This past Thanksgiving Retreat, I was notified that that was submitted by a brother from UT!  I am not a football fan, so I personally found it pretty funny that it was submitted by a Gracepoint Austin bro.  Not sure what Pastor Will thinks about that, though..  Nice.


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English Patient: A Solution to Our Economic Crisis

submitted by Mark

"My 7th grade teacher was so scary that no one dared to go out, even when the bell rang.  We didn't have any recessions."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Let's give thanks to God and appreciate everything that He's given us, including our ability to laugh.  What would life be if we didn't have this odd ability to find life hilarious?

Pronunciation Confusion

Setting: Two sisters goofing around, and one scares the other pretending to hit her.  The scared sister falls over.

Friend1: Oh my gosh!  I didn't hit her at all!  My feast was so far away!

Friend2: You mean your "fist".

Friend1: Yeah, that's what I meant.

Sister F: Umm.. what's the difference?

Modified TC Dance Video

Thank you Erickson for the submission of the personal cam video of Steve and Suzanne's dance. I've re-edited the video, which is found here.

English Patient: Black Horse

Sister S: Wow!  She is awesome at sports!  She is like a black hole in our class!  No, no. I mean the sapphire! No, no, no. Ahhh! What is it?! (pause) Oh! She is the diablo!!!

Demotivator Caption Contest

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Happy Thanksgiving Celebration!

Hello disgracepoint readers,

Since we're having Thanksgiving Celebration today where you will be exposed to more disgraceful acts than you care to witness, we will not be posting anything for this day.  We would probably need a few days of rest to recover emotionally from TC.

Literal Understanding: Les Mis

One of the Gracepoint kids was listening to a Les Mis song, and it came to the line where it says: "Just for stealing a mouthful of bread!"

And she exclaims, "Gross!  Why he steal someone's bread when it's in his mouth?"

English Patient: Eye Doctor

Setting: Sister Y goes to an optomologist and fills out a form, which asks for the reason for her visit..  And this is what she writes:


Vegetarian Smokies

submitted by Tracy

Setting: At Gracepoint SD, they were preparing the lil' smokies for the post Bible-study bonfire.

Brother R: Hey, I bought some vegetarian smokies, so don't mix the two packages, okay?

Sister: I don't see any vegetarian ones...

Brother R: It's right there.  (points to bag)

Sister: But that bag says it's turkey smokies.

Brother R: Yeah, so set that aside for vegetarians.

Sister: (pause) But turkey is meat.

Brother R: [silence]

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...