To Feel Young Again...

This is a video that was made 1-2 years ago at a Gracepoint Church staff outing, where we went away from Berkeley onto Monterey.

Pastor Manny, who is in Austin, has been a source of much laughter and joy. We miss him dearly, especially Gracepoint Berkeley, Koinonia, Directors, and Disgracepoint.

English Patient: Prayer

"Lord, through this time of prayer, please give us a time of refreshments."

Love and Marriage: Green Onions

Jessica: Thanks for doing the shopping for tonight's dinner.

James: No problem.

Jessica: (looks in the bag) Is this everything?

James: Yea.

Jessica: But I only see 1 bunch of green onions, I asked for 6.

James: Your shopping list said 6 green onions, so I bought 6 green onions.

Jessica: I meant 6 BUNCHES of green onions.

James: But your shopping list didn't say bunches. It just said 6 green onions. All the other items on the list you specified 1 pack, 2 bags, so how was I supposed to know that you meant bunches?

Jessica: Because the grocery stores sell them by the bunch. 3 bunches for 99 cents. It should be obvious.

James: Well, you should have been more specific. I was just following the list you gave me.

Jessica: (looks at the green onions) So you happened to buy the bunch that contained 6 green onions?

James: No, that bunch contained a few more, so I took those out and just bought these.

Jessica: (long silence)

James: I'll go to Safeway right now and buy the rest.

Demotivator Caption Contest

Thankfully, we didn't actually carry through with this plan... What would be a good demotivator caption for this picture?

Maybe something to do with "SAFETY" or "MISTAKE" or "HOPE" or "FUTILITY"

will this make it?

Love and Marriage: Where Should We Eat?

Daniel: Where should we go eat?

Sarah: Anywhere.

Daniel: No, come on... I know you. You wanna have Korean, Mexican or Vietnamese. Where should we go?

Sarah: Anywhere!

Daniel: Anywhere? Really?

Sarah: Yes! Anywhere's fine.

Daniel: Okay, Nations.

Sarah: Oh sick!!

Daniel: (pause) How about La Pinata?

Sarah: I just had Mexican food yesterday.

Daniel: Where do you want to go, then?

Sarah: Anywhere!

Daniel: Fine, Vietnamese. Le Chavel!

Sarah: Too far.

Daniel: Spaghetti Factory?

Sarah: Oh gross!!

Daniel: What does it mean for you to say "anywhere," when whatever I suggest, you are going to reject? You don't mean anywhere!

Sarah: But Daniel, you're intentionally choosing the places that I don't like!

Daniel: (silence)

Sarah: (silence)

Daniel: Koryo?

Sarah: (pause) Okay

Daniel: See?? I knew it! You only wanna go there! I knew it!

Sarah: If you knew it, then why didn't you just go there in the first place?

Daniel: (silence) sigh

Love and Marriage: The Dreaded Question

Brother W: The question that I dread the most is when my wife asks me, "Why did you do that??" I mean... if I knew why I did it, then I wouldn't have done it.

Normal vs. Ben & Helen

Note: Ben used to have a very weak shoulder that he used to dislocate all the time.

English Patient: Doors

"Who locked the doors out? Who? Who?"

-- Brother JN, trying to say: "who let the dogs out?"

Love and Marriage: Rice Pot

This is a new genre of Disgracepoint submissions that I would like to start. Here's the first submission: a conversation between me and my wife long ago.. Married couples, please submit your stories (yours can be anonymous, if you wanna be that way about it)

Sarah: I'm going to throw away our rice pot. We should buy a new one.

Daniel: Why?

Sarah: Because it's broken.

Daniel: (incredulous) What do you mean, it's broken?

Sarah: The lid doesn't close anymore.

Daniel: It closes if you slam on it a little.

Sarah: No, not anymore. It doesn't close anymore, even if you slam on it.

Daniel: So you're gonna throw the whole thing away because the lid doesn't close?? I can fix that! It's just the latch! I'll just fix it!

Sarah: If you can fix it, then why didn't you fix it before?

Daniel: (silence)

Sarah: (silence)

Daniel: Why don't YOU fix it?!!?

Sarah: I don't know how!!

Daniel: It's not a matter of knowing how! It must be just a bent latch! You just unbend it! (pause) Look, I don't know how to fix it, either. Not right now! But you just have to look at it! All you have to do is look, and you can see how easy it is.

Sarah: If you don't know how to fix it, then why did you say that you can fix it?

Daniel: (silence)

Sarah: (silence)

Daniel: sigh.

Gracepoint Live - Elves

Done during the times when LOTR was quite popular. It was during the same time when we did the Fellowship of the Dorcs. The Elvish spoken in the beginning is real Elvish - but we started making things up on the spot after a few lines. Klingon is not real. I bet you didn't know that there was such a thing as "real" Elvish and "real" Klingon.

English Patient: Check

One of the brothers writes his roommates a check for the amount of:

"Three Hundred Thirsty Three."

English Patient: Communication

Submitted by Brother Chris Park

Brother Y: There was this yao man.....

Chris: Huh? Do you mean young man?

Brother Y: You know what I mint!

English Patient: Happy Birthday

Setting: Korean-American waitress I saw at Red Lobster who was forced to sing a birthday for a group of retired seniors. (She was fighting with another waitress about having to sing the song.)

Waitress: (with a bad attitude) Here's your cake. I will sing now. What's the birsday person's name?

Old Lady: His name is Hal.

Waitress: (sings with extremely low enthusiasm) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Hell.

Old Lady: Oh, that's Hal.

Waitress: Hell?

Old Lady: Hal.

Waitress: Hell.

Old Lady: (pause) That's okay.

Waitress: (sings) Happy birthday, dear Hell, happy birthday to you. (gives them plates in one pile and leaves)

Normal vs. Manny Kim

This was shown at pastor Manny's ordination, held at Pauley Ballroom, Berkeley campus. It was a momentous occasion for Gracepoint church. Brother Nelson takes reservations - so if you want him to impersonate one of your peers, please let him know.

Pastor Manny is now the pastor who ministers to Longhorn students in Austin, Texas.

Insight: Dis-Gracepoint Preaching

gfc berkeley preaching

All too often, this is the painful truth learned by many Bible study teachers and preachers.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...