Love and Marriage: Where Should We Eat?

Daniel: Where should we go eat?

Sarah: Anywhere.

Daniel: No, come on... I know you. You wanna have Korean, Mexican or Vietnamese. Where should we go?

Sarah: Anywhere!

Daniel: Anywhere? Really?

Sarah: Yes! Anywhere's fine.

Daniel: Okay, Nations.

Sarah: Oh sick!!

Daniel: (pause) How about La Pinata?

Sarah: I just had Mexican food yesterday.

Daniel: Where do you want to go, then?

Sarah: Anywhere!

Daniel: Fine, Vietnamese. Le Chavel!

Sarah: Too far.

Daniel: Spaghetti Factory?

Sarah: Oh gross!!

Daniel: What does it mean for you to say "anywhere," when whatever I suggest, you are going to reject? You don't mean anywhere!

Sarah: But Daniel, you're intentionally choosing the places that I don't like!

Daniel: (silence)

Sarah: (silence)

Daniel: Koryo?

Sarah: (pause) Okay

Daniel: See?? I knew it! You only wanna go there! I knew it!

Sarah: If you knew it, then why didn't you just go there in the first place?

Daniel: (silence) sigh


Anonymous said...

:) This one put a real smile on my face. It's like when mom asks what you want for dinner and you tell her but she was already planning on cooking something specific and she wasn't going to change anyway.

Except I'm sure it's a lot more fun (or frustrating) with your wife.

Johnny said...

I think the same issue is even more frustrating when you try to have peer dinner with 12 guys… everyone would say anywhere, “it’s all about the fellowship and bonding”, blah blah blah… until people actually start to naming places… next thing you know, 30 minutes passed, every single restaurant you ever been to was mentioned and objected with a legit reason, and people are still saying “anywhere”… aiiiish…

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel that sisters are too complicated to understand..
Why are they so different from us?
(Or we from them?)

Anonymous said...

Also, I can totally relate to Wesley's comment. Once in a while, when my mom and I go to a mall, she tells me that I can buy any kind of t-shirt(or a pair of shoes)I like.
So I naively believe her by her words and choose one. On the next day, I desperately look for the t-shirt only to find out that she has taken it back to the mall for refund...

Unknown said...

Daniel, these posts remind me of a conversation between you, Sarah, and several of us students at college winter retreat, after Pastor Ed talked about relationships and guy/girl differences.

Sarah: ...And men take everything you say so literally.

Daniel: Not everything!

Students: (silence)

John said...

my question is, who remembers these frustrating conversations more...the husband or the wife? =)

steven_choi said...

"Sarah: ...And men take everything you say so literally.

Daniel: Not everything!

Students: (silence)"

Now this should be a post on Dis-Gracepoint!

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