Demotivator Caption Contest

Thankfully, we didn't actually carry through with this plan... What would be a good demotivator caption for this picture?

Maybe something to do with "SAFETY" or "MISTAKE" or "HOPE" or "FUTILITY"

will this make it?


Anonymous said...


Knowing what you want, even though it wont work

Marcus said...

Higher Education: A college degree only means you know how to solve problems in theory.

Good Ideas: It's always a good idea to have a woman in the picture, if for no other reason than to tell you that yours is a bad idea.

Unknown said...

Hope: Maybe it's possible, but it's not a good idea.

Trucks: Just because you have one doesn't mean you can do everything.

Laws of Physics: Sorry man, you can't win.

Johnny said...

Why can't they just invent boats that run on all surfaces?

Sometimes, even our wise, fearless leaders stumble and fail

Once in a while, we miss the flood God sent to Noah’s generation

Blind leading Blind:
It all started when Pastor Manny shouted: “Brothers! We can do this!”

Anonymous said...

Hope: when you try just to see if it will work

Anonymous said...

Perspective: I have not failed. I have just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.

Anonymous said...

Common Sense:
If it looks really wrong, it's probably not gonna work.

Anonymous said...

Men: Following our guts since beginning of time.

Plan B: "Let's put the truck on top of the boat!"

Anonymous said...

Mistake: Can you spot one?

John said...

When doing it the "right" way just isn't exciting

Anonymous said...

Groupthink: Who needs good ideas when you can all agree on a bad one.

Daniel Kim said...

OPTIMISM: Sometimes we really need pessimists among us.

FRUGALITY: Why spend money to go to an amusement park when you can have a ride of your life with us?

ADVERTISEMENT: This is what you get when you "just do it".

Unknown said...

Gravity: Sometimes you just wish it wasn't there

Failure: Doesn't always happen, just to some

Success: Doesn't always mean you finished it

Anonymous said...

Rocket Science: Just because you have a science degree doesn't mean you can build a rocket.

Anonymous said...

UC Berkeley: 4 long years and $80,000 dollars down the drain does not translate to a success in the real world.

Anonymous said...

You can do anything you set your mind to--except this.

Trying harder won't make the boat any smaller or the truck any larger.

Letting you do "Whatever floats your boat" will kill you. Or someone else.

Who needs enemies when you've got dumb ideas?

"Okay, judging by the shadow of the boat, it's about 2 o'clock. Good work guys."

Anonymous said...

Encouragement: When the whole hearted push the unwise to do things they shouldn't.

Futility: Where reality and the hardheaded collide.

Failure: What happens when your children aren't there to state the obvious.

Safety: Likely failure is well worth the cost of a return trip.

steven_choi said...

Sense: This doesn't make any.

Trust: ...I'm sure they see something that the rest of us don't...

Tetris Skills: A time when there's just no way.

johnclin said...

Judgment: Sometimes a lack of it helps you appreciate it more

I took the pic...Nice

Anonymous said...

Leadership: Proudly presenting the leaders of our church.

Idiom: Great minds think alike, the opposite is also true.

Anonymous said...

I think it's at least commendable that they put the boat in... i think some of our demotivator captions are mean... like if you won't say it in person if you were there, you probably shouldn't post it here :(

Laurence said...

A Reasonless Faith

Laurence said...

btw I disagree with the Anonymous post above. The intent of these Demotivators are not to be mean, but to humble.

Daniel, to avoid the confusion, perhaps you should change the title of these Demotivators to reflect a more Christian attitude. I'm partial to calling them Humiliators.

Anonymous said...

Hope: Maybe, just maybe this once.

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