Malpractice Luggage

Sister L: I heard about this one woman who was diagnosed with cancer and had her leg amputated. Some time later, they realized they had mixed her up with another patient and she didn't have cancer after all! 

Brother P: OH MAN. That's a million-dollar suitcase! 

(People start laughing.)

Brother P: [thinking he must have mispronounced the word, tries in vain various pronunciations] What? SOOS-case? SOOOOOT-case?

Holding Down Something

Setting: People are playing Nerf Gun Wars, where the object of the game is to knock down each other's jenga tower forts.

In the midst of an intense battle, a particular English Patient of Gracepoint Davis shouts out, "Hold the fart!!"

Pastor Manny: Poll Closed

The poll has closed, and the results are in.
Pastor Manny of Gracepoint LA is most likely to root for UCLA.
I disagree, but the people have spoken.

English Patient: Verb Tense

Brother Y: He teared it.

Friend: You mean he tore it?

Brother Y: [thinks] ...yeeeah, he tored it.

Gracepoint Summer Rally

This was the sign that Pastor Ed of Gracepoint Berkeley saw, which caused him to pause for a moment during our Gracepoint Summer Rally.

Poll: Gracepoint Los Angeles or Austin or Berkeley?

There is a deep mystery surrounding Pastor Manny of Gracepoint Los Angeles.

  • He is deeply connected to Berkeley, for that is where he spent his college years and beyond, ministering to many college students.
  • He is deeply connected to Austin, for that is where he ministered for the past 5 years (and the student body has a deep conviction regarding football, and they bleed burnt orange)
  • He is deeply connected to UCLA, for that is where he was born, where he took his first steps.  It was also in LA where he learned to be a sports fan.  This is also where he is planting the next Gracepoint church.
Now the question is: if Cal, Austin and UCLA were in the playoffs, which team would Pastor Manny Kim cheer for?

Please comment with your thoughts and reasons, then vote on the right.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...