Evil Beanbag Video

For our Sunday Worship Service, we've been going through a message series called "Pause", and this is episode #1 of the video component of the series. 

Homonym Problems

Setting: A group of sisters are meeting together over their first house dinner and discussing how often they should have house meetings.

Friend: So, do we agree to meet once a month?

Sister E:  What??  No way!  Meat only once a month?

Alarm Sound

Brother R and his friend M are working together at Sierra Lodge, and Brother M notices a faint sound of some kind of alarm going off. 

It was faint, but then the alarm sound started to get louder and louder... and then Brother R comes into the room, and says, "Do you hear that alarm sound?  I'm trying to figure out where it's coming from."

And then as Brother R leaves the room, the alarm sound got fainter again. 

Brother R, of course, had a hard time finding the source of that sound, because from his perspective, the volume of the alarm seemed constant, no matter where he went.  It was a few minutes before Brother R realized that the alarm sound was coming from his own cell phone.

English Patient: Misspelling Part 2

Upon hearing about Brother J's "Jason Bound" story (posted 2 days ago), a group of people are having a grand old time talking about it.  Then suddenly, Sister Y, another English Patient, says, "Ha ha ha!  I know why that's funny!"

Sister V, who was sitting next to Sister Y, quickly tries to stop her, saying, "No, you don't.  Don't say whatever you're going to say, because you don't."

Despite the warning, Sister Y kept on insisting that she DID understand the humor, and despite multiple attempts to stop her, Sister Y blurts out, "It's funny because it's supposed to be James Bond!"

English Patient: Misspelling

Setting: A bunch of brothers are gathered together, looking at a DVD cover of foreign copy of Bourne Supremacy from Singapore... laughing at the fact it says on the cover, "Starring, Jason Bound". 

English Patient J: What's funny?

Friend: Here, check out this misspelling!  (gives the DVD)

English Patient J: (scans the DVD cover very carefully, with a slightly confused look... and then suddenly, a lightbulb goes on in his eyes, and he says)  Ahhh!!  That's funny!  Supremacy!! ha ha ha.

Disgracepoint Classic: That the World May Know

The original "That the World May Know" video that started the series... Which became an instant Gracepoint classic.

These are all based on true stories. Some might even argue that they are exactly true stories.

John is now at Gracepoint Minneapolis Church, which is a new church plant in Minnesota.

Tricky Acronyms

Sister S looks at a label attached on a pair of tongs and asks, "Hey, what does D-A-V-I-S stand for?"

Hurting: Fantastic Four

Friends are gathered around talking about the movie "Fantastic Four", when all of a sudden, one sister says, "Oh, I don't think I can understand the movie even if watched it, because I haven't seen Fantastic One, Two, or Three..."

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...