Blasphemous Career

Sister Y: So, Brother W, what do you do at your job?

Brother W: I work at a solar company...

Sister Y: So you make solar panels?

Brother W: Yeah, we do that, but also work on the entire system from batteries to wiring and things... So we set up the entire solar system.

Sister Y: (quite serious) What? Only God makes solar systems!!

NOTE: Sister Y claimed later that she was just joking, and that she was just making fun of Brother W's awkward expression "solar system".  It only goes to show you the prejudice against English Patients, who can't even say clever word puns without being misunderstood.  I believe Sister Y.

Difficulties of Spelling

Sister H: Do you know how to spell 'cat'?
Child: C-A-T?
Sister H: Good! Ok how about 'mat'?
Child: M-A-T?
Sister H: Good! How about 'pat'?
Child: hmmm...
Sister H: What makes the 'puh' sound?
Child: A?
Sister H: No...
Child: C?
Sister H: No...
Child: 6?

Sister Y Strikes Again

submitted by Grace

Friend1: Today, I saw a girl with a British accent come into the store, and when she realized that the price she had to pay was higher than the price listed, I heard her mutter "Americans" under her breath.

Friend2: Yeah, because in England, the sales tax is included in the listed price.

Sister Y: In China, there is NO SUCH THING as tax..  (after a short pause, softly) Americans.

English Patient: Goosebumps

Sister K: Oh my gosh, it's so cold.  I have chickenpox all over my skin.

Friend: Umm.. I think you meant to say "goosebumps".

Acronyms: Gracepoint Prayer List

submitted by Josh Linville

Friend: We usually know who's pregnant because of the GPL

Brother P: We have a Gracepoint Pregnant List?

English Patient: Dorm

Sister B: Hi, are you a new student here?

Student: Yes, I am.

Sister B: Which dorm are you at?

Student: I'm a commuter.

Sister B: Oh, is that a nice dorm?

English Patient: Wrong Animal

From Gracepoint Davis...

Brother K: Hey, let's go to Black Bear Diner for breakfast and also do our DT there.

Brother P: Yes, then we can kill 2 bunnies with one stone.

Brother G: We have a foblem.

English Patients Playing Taboo

Setting: A bunch of English Patients are playing the game Taboo (a game where you try to get your teammates to guess a word)

The word was "Alibi", and the clue that was given:  "This is what you sing to babies to make them fall asleep!"

The word was "Blush" and the clue was: "This is what you use to clean your teeth!"

The word was "Scientist", and an English Patient brother, who is a science-major said: "This word describes me!" and his teammates shouted, "FOB!"

Evil Beanbag: Music Video

Thanks to Jammy Yang for music suggestion and Sam Kim for editing..

If you took MYT for video editing before and want to brush up on your skills, you are welcome to try to come up with your own music video using the footage from Evil Beanbag.  You can download all 3 episodes from the vimeo account.

The lyrics of this music by Disciple goes well with the whole theme of the Pause series.

Vote for Your Favorite Caption

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Child 1: Oh yeah!  I got a strawberry cookie!

Child 2: I got a cookies and cream cookie!

Child 1: Not fair!!  How come you get two!??!

English Patient: My Shoe

Setting: Some sisters are heating up some dumplings

Friend: Oh wow, is that shu mai?

Sister Y: Oh really?  Which shoe is yours?

Mississippi River

Setting: Brother E arrives into Minnesota airport and is visiting the Minnesota team.

Driver: We live right by the Mississippi River, and we are about to drive over it.

Brother E: Oh wow, so the Mississippi River is man-made, huh?

Driver: ???

Demotivator Contest


Although it is painful for me to allow this submission, please provide a caption for this picture by commenting on this post.  This picture was taken during the Yosemite trip this past summer.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...