That's All Folks!

This picture says it all.


Jeff vs. Jet

Setting: During a time when Gracepoint Austin was visiting Berkeley...

Sunny: Sister S, can you call Jet Blue to confirm our flight?

Sister S: Sure.  I'll call.  (dials her phone)  Hi, do you know when the Austin group is leaving?  Oh, you don't know?  Okay.  (hangs up)  He doesn't know.

Sunny: Who did you just call?

Sister S: I called Jeff Liu like you told me.


Common Sense: Measurements

Sister L: Half a teaspoon plus half a teaspoon makes one tablespoon, right?


Hard Classes

Setting: Brother R, who is a post-doc in biochemistry in UCSF, talks to a student.

Brother R: Hey!  Long time no see!

Student: Oh man... it's been hard this semester.  I got some killer classes.

Brother R: What classes are you taking?

Student: Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytic chemistry, and Japanese.

Brother R: Oh man... that does sound really crazy.  Japanese is really hard.


English Patient: Salad

Setting: Food prep time

Friend: Hey, can you toss the salad for me?

English Patient: What?  It went bad already?