Disgracepoint Classic: Caption Contest Winners

We used to have contests of people submitting their own caption for a picture.  When I posted this old picture of Pastor William Kang of Gracepoint Davis Church, I got many submissions.  But these 3 won the popularity contest in 2008.  (Disclaimer: the picture below comes from way before 2008).

gracepoint fellowship church pastor: awesomeness
gracepoint fellowship church pastor: past
gracepoint fellowship church pastor: ignorance

Disgracepoint Classic: Pull My Finger

Setting: Brother T (who was at Gracepoint Berkeley Church when this happened, but he's now at Gracepoint San Diego) was playing sports and dislocated his index finger. He was rushed to the hospital where a triage nurse saw him.
Nurse: Okay, your finger is dislocated.. so I'm going to try to pull your finger back into place.

Brother T: Okay.. [sticks out his finger toward her]

[Nurse pulls, and brother T, blinded by the flash of pain that hit him, loses control and...]


Nurse: (immediately stops pulling the finger... pauses) Okay.. Let's try that again.

The above story demonstrates that sometimes "pull my finger" is no joke.

Disgracepoint Classic: Pizza, Italy, Cheese Are All Related

Setting: Long ago, a brother at Gracepoint Austin Church was looking at a slanted shoe rack..

Brother W: Hey that looks like the cheese tower of leaning (pointing at a slanted shoe rack)

Friend: ... Did you mean the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Brother W: Oh, yeah... You know it's the same thing because pizza has cheese.

NOTE: I am not exactly sure why this particular post is so popular -- I'm really just going by the number of views that it has gotten.  It might just be the picture that is popular.

Disgracepoint Classic: A Disturbing Sign

Here's a sign that was put up near the entrance of our Gracepoint Davis Church's 607 building, so that as someone is coming into the building, they were greeted by this sign.  I'm sure that Pastor William Kang was disturbed by this, although the sign very clearly tells him not to be.

The Disgracepoint Classics

Hello everyone,

Ever since 7 years ago when Disgracepoint was created during a Sierra Lodge trip with the Gracepoint leaders, it has thankfully brought many laughter and joy.  Recently, the posts have slowed down for some mysterious reason, and it's because I have simply not been getting people's submissions of funny things that their friends have done.

One theory is that it's because our church people are getting more intelligent and therefore make fewer mistakes, so there are just fewer ridiculous stories to share.  I am not sure about that theory.

Whatever the reason, in the upcoming weeks, we are going to feature some of the old but awesome posts from the past, and even some that were never posted!

Stay tuned.

English Patient: Lance Armstrong's Detour

Brother P: Hey guys, you know Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist who won the Detour France 7 times?

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...