The Disgracepoint Classics

Hello everyone,

Ever since 7 years ago when Disgracepoint was created during a Sierra Lodge trip with the Gracepoint leaders, it has thankfully brought many laughter and joy.  Recently, the posts have slowed down for some mysterious reason, and it's because I have simply not been getting people's submissions of funny things that their friends have done.

One theory is that it's because our church people are getting more intelligent and therefore make fewer mistakes, so there are just fewer ridiculous stories to share.  I am not sure about that theory.

Whatever the reason, in the upcoming weeks, we are going to feature some of the old but awesome posts from the past, and even some that were never posted!

Stay tuned.


Johnny said...

The fear of shame shall seize the land of Gracepoint again!

Looking forward to it!

Amaranthine said...

How do we submit?

Daniel Kim said...

Are you a part of Gracepoint church?
One of the criteria is that we publish true stories that happened to/among/by the members of our church.

If so, please let me know by responding to this comment.

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