Our Austin Team Reminiscent of Berkeley

Setting: Pastor Manny and others in the Gracepoint Austin team are playing basketball at a gym in UT Austin.

Austin Student #1: What!? Manny, you're THAT old? I can't believe it! I had no idea!

Pastor Manny: [smiles] Oh nice.

Austin Student #2: You're pretty good. You know, my dad - he was also into basketball in the 80's like you.

Gracepoint Basketball Fellowship

This is a clip of the basketball game that the older sisters of Gracepoint played at Sierra Lodge.
Obviously, Jeannie Lee was the MVP. Awesome point guard - reminds us of what Jason Kidd did for the Cal team.
But who might qualify for the LVP is a debatable question.

Some have commented that Susanna Lee of Waypoint would make a very good volleyball setter. Also, some have commented that there is a noise decibel difference between a brothers basketball game and a sisters basketball game.

A Disgracepoint Story by Pastor Ed

Pastor Ed wrote up a hilarious story that I would like to point to. (did you even know that Pastor Ed's been writing articles for a few years onto our "notebook" section?)

Check it out.. Go to, then follow the link for Pastor Ed. Or you can go directly to the story here: "A Story with Way Too Much Information"

I read it, and it's too good not to share with others. And since disgracepoint gets more hits than Pastor Ed's notebook (not sure what to think about that), I thought I should advertise for it here.

Warning: this story is not for the squeamish!

Summer IM Soccer

David Dip, junior of A2F1 scores!!!

"Hey, guess what. I scored the winning goal today in the final seconds of the game! But it was against my own team."

-- An A2F1 Junior brother who will remain anonymous to the end, no matter what the pictures may say

Sierra Lodge Promo Video by Pastor Ed Kang

This is one of the many videos that Pastor Ed made during our Sierra Lodge building project in order to motivate people to volunteer and come help us build.

English Patient: Hot Dogs

Friend: "What kind of hot dog do you want?"

English Patient: "Oh, could you get me a polished dog?"

Announcing: Dish-Gracepoint!

A2F1 Tom Kim has started a great site for all small groups and would-be cooks - it's called Dish-Gracepoint, accessible at:

Take a look at that site before cooking anything!  It also has the weekly special deals on where to go to buy meat that week. 

Tom's motto has always been:  "I can feed the multitude for $2 per person."  And with this new site, that personal dream is fast becoming a church-wide vision.

Gracepoint Austin - Youth farewell

This is the video that our Element Youth Group of Gracepoint Berkeley made for Pastor Manny and Sunny for their farewell to Austin, as they are going there to plant a church in Austin. We will miss them dearly.

Gracepoint's Braveheart

This video is the very first emcee video act that was done in the history of our church in Berkeley. We did it with blue screen and linear editing machine that had multiple VHS tapes. It took about 30 hours to make this simple video, and Richard and I had to start over several times. This was our very first attempt at movie satire.

English Patient: Trash Day

English patient G was with her group, breaking the 30-Hour Famine fast together. Afterwards, as she was taking out the trash, sister G turns and asks her students very sincerely:

"Who wants to take a dump?"

Dis-Gracepoint Fellowship Picture Contest!

To commemorate the upcoming launch of Gracepoint-Berkeley's Summer MYT classes, here's a pretty good demotivator (thanks to A2F1 junior brothers) that's just calling out for a perfect picture! Please submit your pictures by emailing them to me.
In order to give it some time for picture submission, Disgracepoint will not publish any more posts for a few days, so that there is some artificial buildup created with this contest.

Dis-Gracepoint Fellowship Gold Winner: Leadership

Thank you for voting. We're closing the votes as of today, and here are the results:

Gold: (Submitted by Greg Davis)


Silver: (Submitted by Daniel Kim)


Bronze: (Submitted by Danny Orozco)


This last one is a late submission, but I thought that it deserved to be shown.

Dishonorable Mention: (Submitted by Laurence Lok)


Dis-Gracepoint Fellowship Church Poll

Hello everyone,

We're taking a poll for the Caption Contest, which can be seen here. The poll is on the right side, and you can vote for multiple choices, so please vote!


An alternate Dana House demotivator submitted by Dan Kinder

disgracepoint shame

English Patient: Skillets

"Hello everyone, for this upcoming retreat, could you let me know if we could borrow your electric skillets for our laptops?"

-- a mass email sent out by an English patient sister

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...