Epic Dance Off

Steve Castro continues to redefine the meaning of breakdance. Some have said that Steve seems to have added to his routine, but some have claimed that he has slowed down since the last time.

Eugene Peng also makes his attempt at redefining breakdance, but it looks like Steve is still the king.

Brother Y: Patriotism

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, Brother Y turned to several of his Korean-American and Chinese-American roommates and said "You guys are doing pretty well." Out of confusion, the brothers responded "What do you mean by you guys? Do you mean Korea or do you mean China?" Brother Y paused, then responded, "No, I meant the U.S." After several minutes of yelling and questioning Brother Y's American citizenship and his lack of loyalty to his country, and several McCarthy era type accusations, one brother plugged his laptop into the house speakers and started playing the song "I'm Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood. Brother Y managed a weak retort by trying to play the Chinese National Anthem on his laptop speakers but was overwhelmed by American patriotism. When the song ended and the drama seem to have ended, another Chinese-American brother entered the house and was asked whether he would root for China or America in the Olympics. As soon as the brother responded America, the song was played again and more patriotism ensued.

Gracepoint: Multiply Your Talents Courses

This is why you should take Gracepoint’s MYT classes… So that when your peers do this kind of stuff to your face, you are not sitting helplessly without any course of retaliation.

Sign up at


Multiply Your Talents

This is a powerful illustration demonstrating why we should sign up for our Multiply Your Talents courses. Thank you, Garrett & a2f seniors, for submitting this picture.


Makeover for Dis-Gracepoint!

Since all these other blogs are being built, decided to give disgracepoint an extreme makeover. Please vote on the right. No matter what the results of the poll, though, I think this is better than what we had before.

Demotivator Winner: Thanksgiving

Thank you, disgracepoint readers, for turning in your captions. As usual, your captions were very creative and funny.

It seems like our creativity triples whenever there’s mockery involved.

gracepoint thanksgiving celebration

Dis-Gracepoint Picture Contest!

We have tried this last year, but no one submitted any pictures… So I’ll try it again.

To commemorate the upcoming launch of Gracepoint-Berkeley's Summer MYT classes, here's a pretty good demotivator that's just calling out for a perfect picture! Please submit your pictures by emailing them to me. (daniel[dot]kim[at]gpmail[dot]org)


Hurting: Teaching the Word of God

Brother M says enthusiastically, "God is inviting us. He invites us to join Him in His grand scam... I mean scheme."

The Best of Richard Tjhen

This video is the compilation of the "best of" Richard Tjhen, who got married recently to Flo. This was shown during their wedding reception. The last clip was by far the funniest.

What Too Much Sugar Does to Kids

I just wanted to highlight a funny video that I found on another blog, The video is that of Jesse, the son of our praise leader James.

He had way too much syrup on his pancake, and this is what happened to him.

English Patient: Whippersnapper

At the first run through for the Sophomore GLive Practice, Brother A was asked to act as one of the grandpa's in the audience at a courtroom. His actual line read:

Grandpa: Whippersnapper!

When the time for his line came, all that was heard was silence. When people started to look up from their scripts to see if Brother A knew that it was his turn, they were shocked to see Brother A doing a weird motion. He was sweeping his arms furiously in the air, while snapping his fingers.

Announcement: Dishgracepoint

I just wanted to mention that dishgracepoint (our cooking recipe site) has gotten upgraded to have its own .com URL!

I thought I would mention it, since the name was a shameless copy of disgracepoint.

Here’s an incredible picture from of the steak that we had after GLive.


Gracepoint Live: Senior Video - Redo

This is the video that the seniors made after Gracepoint Live 2009, to thank the staff and reflect on what that experience meant for them.


This is why many people take our Photoshop classes. So sign up for MYT (Multiply Your Talents) at

Gracepoint Past: Braveheart

Here's James Kang impersonating a Star Trek Braveheart during his high school days at our church...
Many have noted that James looks the same after all these years.

Demotivator: Procrastination

Gracepoint Fellowship Church demotivator

Factoid about Demotivators

Hello disgracepoint readers,

Just letting you know… all the published demotivators (the ones that already come with captions) were made BY the people who are featured in the demotivator. So if there’s a demotivator that I published without asking the readers for a creative caption, that means that picture was posed, and they themselves came up with the caption. It was usually for some kind of staff appreciation or birthday gift. When I ask for a caption, I do monitor for appropriateness, by the way.

Just wanted to let people know that, so that you don’t feel like the caption-providers are being just mean. Because if you thought that some unknown caption provider (like me) was just writing these captions, some of the demotivators might seem pretty cruel.

Hurting: Surprising Friends

submitted by Tina Chan

Sister S has a very special custom of surprising her friend by jumping on her from behind. One day, she sees her unsuspecting friend walking down Sproul Plaza in her usual coat and briefcase. Knowing how surprised her friend will be, Sister S very excitedly decides to get a running start and jumps her friend with a great force. But to Sister S's shock and dismay, the surprised party turned around and was not, indeed, her friend. Sister S quickly realized this, as she saw the name tag of the professor she jumped.

Before she could fully apologize and explain, Sister S was hit viciously by the victim's briefcase before the victim quickly walked away. To this day, Sijii has not jumped any more of her friends.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...