English Patient: Deportation

Friend: I heard that Brother X had some visa problems with the US Embassy.

Brother P: Oh no!!!   Is he going to get exported?

English Patient: Sandwiches Can Give You Energy

submitted by Eileen

Setting: At a hike in Yosemite...

Brother H: Ooh!!  I love PG&E sandwiches!

English Patient: U.S. History

Friend: What do you remember from U.S. history class in high school?

English Patient J: The Manifest Destination.

Hurting: Canned Chicken

One of the items on the shopping list was "canned chicken", and this is what a particular brother brought back.

English Patient: Recipe

Setting: During the food prep for Bible study, Brother L picks up the recipe for chipotle sauce.

Brother L: Hey!!  Andrea!  Is this your recipe for the sauce?

Andrea: No.

Brother L: But this recipe says: Andronico’s chipotle sauce…

Hurting: Half Dome

Setting: At TFN, people are sharing about what they saw which really impressed them.

Brother B: When I first saw Mt. Rushmore, I was really impressed. And also when I saw Mt. Doom.

Friend:  (pause) Mt. Doom?

Brother B: You know, that mountain in Yosemite.

Brother C: Do you mean Half Dome?

Mat Jousting

There is a game that brothers play at Sierra Barn called "Mat Jousting", where you basically run at each other holding a mat and see who stands.  During one of those moments, there was an epic moment which was captured in a video.

Betta Fish Followup

This happened in Gracepoint Austin, after a particular Brother T read a previous Disgracepoint post Experimental Fish

Brother J: Wow,, look at the new post on Dis-Gracepoint. Sister A actually said this about the betta fish.

Brother T: Haha, ya...thats so funny...beta doesnt mean 'not real'. Gmail is still in beta and is very real.

Vision Problems

Sister M from Gracepoint Davis, while driving at night, looks at the Shell sign and exclaims, "Wow!  Look at the moon!  It's so big!"

Sister Y Strikes Again.

Setting: Bunch of sisters are sitting around after dinner sharing foolish things that they did in the past.

Friend 1: Really?  I said that to you?  I can't believe that!  Was that in my BC (Before Christ) days?

Friend 2: Nope, AC.

Friend 3: AC but NT.

Friend 2: What's that?

Friend 3: After Christ, but Not Transformed.

Friend 1: That's D-U-M-B.

Sister Y: What's that?

Hurting: Church Cleaning

Setting: A ministry group is at our North Loop building on a particular Saturday night cleaning...

Friend: Hey... Brother M... what are you doing?

Brother M: I'm watering these indoor trees.

Friend:  You know that those are fake, right?

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...