Bible Verse Recitation

Here are some samples of brothers' Bible verse memorization gone terribly wrong...

Brother J: "Praising God and enjoying the flavor of all the people.."

Brother T: "No, I beat your body and make it my slave..."

Brother D: "As the hen gathers her cheeks together..."

Brother D: "And Jesus said, 'Didn't I heal ten leopards?'"

Normal vs. Timothy Rhee

Pastor Timothy Rhee of Waypoint Community Church (in Davis) was ordained, and this was the normal vs. video that was shown during the ordination service.

Movie Tickets

Merry Christmas, Disgracepoint readers!

Here's a quote by an English Patient.. well, I'm not sure if this is an English Patient, or just a Common Sense Patient...

Friend: Hey, I got our group movie tickets from Costco for 7.50!

Common Sense Patient: Oh... that's good... But it's kind of hard.

Friend: Why?

Common Sense Patient: Does that mean we can only watch movies that start at 7:50?

Gracepoint TC: Old Folks

West Side Story is a difficult musical to do, but they pulled it off pretty well.

English Patient: More Than Meets the Eye

There is a sister M in Bridgeway Church who thought for a long time that the games that were played with a new group of people were "eyes breakers". When asked why she thought this, she answered, "Because when we first meet someone, there's a barrier, so we can't look at each other in the eyes. But after playing the eyes breaker, we can break through that barrier and look at each other in the eyes."

Wow, that almost makes sense.

Gracepoint TC: The Pilgrim's Paradise

This won the prize, "Can't even show in Disgracepoint", but it was too perfect to pass up.

The sound problems that he was having just goes to demonstrate how precarious the whole idea of "cool" is, and how dependent it is on something so flimsy as background music.

John Ko could have looked kind of cool if the music worked, but when it didn't, and John was posing in silence, his envisioned coolness quickly turned into something disgracepoint-worthy.

English Patient: In-Laws

Friend: Hey Brother Y, do you know where brother S is?

Brother Y: "I think he's with the family, hanging out with his outlaws."

Gracepoint TC: DT

Another outstanding performance at Gracepoint TC... There's nothing really embarrassing about this performance, except for Michael & Joanna Kang's intro video, which was one of the sickest things ever.

A Man and His Pain

Setting: Brother S, who is known among his peers as someone who insists on doing things that are "manly", one day dislocated his shoulder quite badly and was taken to the hospital.

The nurse approached him and said, "Now, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no pain at all and 10 being the worst pain imaginable, what is the level of pain that you feel right now?"

Brother S answered, "Zero."

The nurse paused for a bit, and then asked him again, "On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your level of..."

"Zero," interrupted Brother S.

The nurse then proceeded to hold his arm and move it upwards, causing his shoulder to rotate. Then she asked, "How about now?"

"Zero," said Brother S.

She moved the arm further up and asked, "How about now?"

Brother S winced, then caught his breath again, then said, "... zero."

The nurse looked at Brother S with a particular look that was interpreted by Brother S as awe, but some said that it could have been interpreted as a look of pity. She moved the arm further up, and before she could ask Brother S any question, brother S shouted, "Ten, ten, ten, ten!!!!!"

Gracepoint TC: Under Pressure

By popular demand, here's Under Pressure...

It's hard to hear the audience reaction on any of these videos... So it can appear a lot more embarrassing than it actually was. For a version of Under Pressure with audience reaction, you can check it out at the corresponding post of the a2f Gold site.

Also, a closeup version of Praxis' Hallelujah Surprise...

English Patient: Restaurants

I heard about a very good Chinese restraint.

That salad was good. I wonder what the entry will be.

Demotivator Contest Winners

Gold medal goes to "Groupthink" by anonymous


Silver goes to "Idiom" by Justin


Bronze goes to "Innovation" by John


Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...