A Man and His Pain

Setting: Brother S, who is known among his peers as someone who insists on doing things that are "manly", one day dislocated his shoulder quite badly and was taken to the hospital.

The nurse approached him and said, "Now, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no pain at all and 10 being the worst pain imaginable, what is the level of pain that you feel right now?"

Brother S answered, "Zero."

The nurse paused for a bit, and then asked him again, "On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your level of..."

"Zero," interrupted Brother S.

The nurse then proceeded to hold his arm and move it upwards, causing his shoulder to rotate. Then she asked, "How about now?"

"Zero," said Brother S.

She moved the arm further up and asked, "How about now?"

Brother S winced, then caught his breath again, then said, "... zero."

The nurse looked at Brother S with a particular look that was interpreted by Brother S as awe, but some said that it could have been interpreted as a look of pity. She moved the arm further up, and before she could ask Brother S any question, brother S shouted, "Ten, ten, ten, ten!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he only said "ten" to make everyone else feel a little better about their lack of manliness.

Anonymous said...

-10 man points

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that might cost him a man badge.

sean said...


Anonymous said...

you have to see nelson tell this story. a blog post doesn't do it justice.

Unknown said...

It is okay, S. I am with you...

Yang said...

I hope the first Anonymous commenter is not brother S himself

Unknown said...

Oh, brothers...

This reminds me of a story from the Monday thru Saturday series when Pastor Ed said brothers tend to have trouble doing small things because they feel like they need a big, important job to do. I partly dismissed it, thinking "Hey, I don't think that's just a guy thing, I get like that too." But then I witnessed a scene later during takedown...

(People are carrying chairs outside to put in a chair rack. Brother D comes out, carrying four chairs.)

(Brother K also comes out carrying chairs.)

D: Oh, my! Brother K, you just one-upped me! No... (looks over and counts K's seven chairs) No, you THREE-upped me!

K: I wasn't trying to.

D: (emphatically) But you did ANYWAY! Why, I'll show you!

I went back to carrying chairs, thinking it was over. Maybe it's just Brother D, I thought. Surely not all brothers are that silly.

(I walk past the chair rack again, which is now full.)

K: I couldn't do more than nine.

Me: Huh?

K: I tried to beat Brother KC, but I couldn't do more than nine.

I never did find out what happened to Brother D after being three-upped.

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