Mama's Boys Music Video

Instant classic, from a Thanksgiving Celebration of Gracepoint, Berkeley

Things You Should Never Say Without Certainty

"Oh my gosh, congratulations, when's the due date for the baby?"

These kinds of comments were mistakenly said many times in Gracepoint. I was a witness to one of them, and let me tell you - just get out of the room when you hear this, unless you enjoy extremely awkward situations.

Prayer of a Child

The night before I left for Taiwan Summer Mission trip 2008, around the dinner table, my wife Sarah asked the kids who would like to pray for my trip. My younger daughter Michelle (4) volunteered and said this touching prayer:

"Dear God, thank you for daddy going to Taiwan. Please help him to be healthy. Please help him to be good in Taiwan, and help him to be nice to people in Taiwan. Please help him to be really strong in Taiwan. And please help him to not kill anyone. Because it's really bad to kill someone. In Jesus' name, Amen."

I think in the middle of the prayer, she remembered what she learned in Joyland during the Ten Commandments series.

For whose sake I have lost all things . . . .

Since he invited me to be a co-owner of this blog, I feel compelled to carry on Daniel Kim's work while he is away leading the Taiwan Mission Team. How fitting, then, that my inaugural post should be dedicated to the one who has brought us so much joy and laughter in the past few weeks.

Daniel Kim has lost his luggage. This might have been admirable had his loss occurred in the course of his service to Christ on the mission field, tirelessly preaching the Gospel without regard to himself or his worldly possessions. Alas, that was not the case.

The above photograph was taken yesterday, at 2:50 pm, two hours before the Taiwan Mission Team was to depart from SFO. Daniel is pictured standing in the Gracepoint Berkeley church building parking lot, eagerly seeking and saving the lost.

May his example inspire all of us staying behind to support the entire mission team with our prayers.

English Patients

"Okay, bye... Don't worry about here while you're gone, I'll hold down the fork."


"Dear God, we pray together as a church that You protect us, because we know that the devil is like a rolling lion..."

Beauty vs. Excellence

birthday present for Pastor Ed Kang

BTW, the saying regarding beauty was meant to talk about beauty in terms of Christian character. Kind of like, "there are many competent people, but very few loving people.." Within that context, this poster was made.

Idiocy - Gracepoint Brothers at Dana House

gfc - dana house

At Dana House, a house where many of our GFC brothers live in, there's an annual tradition for all the guys to take a picture with suit on top and shorts on the bottom.

Many think that these guys embody the caption of this picture perfectly.

Disgracepoint Game

The writer of this article has deleted this post, because the reporting was based on 10% solid fact, 40% doubtable fact, 20% exaggeration from those facts, and 30% based on what would really sound really funny if people actually said them.

For those who get confused by these articles, I recommend that you familarize yourself with the genre at:

The Best Basketball Team in Gracepoint Church

A particular anonymous director brother who is also a pastor going to Austin has been going around challenging various brothers from different peer groups of Gracepoint church, claiming that his class peers can beat any other peer brothers in a game of basketball.  The only caveat is that his class will only play the "bottom 5" players of each class.

When asked about the fairness of such a setup, his defense is that "it doesn't matter if the Lakers didn't have their best players during a particular game against the Celtics.  If they lose, we can still legitimately say that the Celtics beat the Lakers."

What are your thoughts about this brother's endeavor to play the "bottom 5" of every class?

Demotivator Contest Winners

Thank you for your submissions. Please click on the picture if you want to see (and download) a higher-res version.

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p.s.: By the way, the results of the poll taken clearly show (out of almost 100 people, 70% have said) that they want more disgrace coverage on this particular pastor.

Quotable by A2F Pastor Will

"Hurting is painful"

-- A point made during a Friday night A2F Bible study by Pastor William, immediately after which he said:

"Uh oh... is that going to end up in disgracepoint?"

Prayer - Demotivator

Thanks to Calvin (soph, A2F) for the submission. This is going to be hard to beat.

For those who don't know - there's this ramp in Willard's education building, where some of our Gracepoint Element youth (and our college sophomores with too much time) would ride the rolling office chairs down. Because it's so smooth, you can pick up speed down that ramp pretty quickly, and the scariest thing is during that whole ride, it feels like the chair can flip over at any time, spitting you out face-first onto the concrete.

I don't know why James, our praise leader, decided to do this, but you can see on his face that he's praying with his eyes open.

English Lesson: Importance of the Article "the"

Setting: In a meeting, we were planning on teachers visiting various youth students during the week. Then suddenly one person said:

"Hey! Who wants to go to the John's with me?"

We Want Your Votes

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Horse Divorce

Setting: A certain brother S is at a restaurant and is looking at the menu...

Brother S: Yeah, I would like to have some horse divorce.

Friend: Umm.. you mean hors d'oeuvres?

Brother S: How would I know? I don't speak Spanish!

Demotivator Contest

What picture would fit the best here? Look through your picture folder and please submit some pictures. (email them to me)

Tip: The best demotivator pictures are often subtle, non-posed pictures.

Gracepoint Church Demotivator Contest



Lem, one of the strongest brothers at Waypoint Community Church

Demotivator Contest

Hello everyone,

A few days ago, I put up a picture and asked you to provide some possible captions.
Just wanted to let you know there were some really funny captions offered up in the comments. Check them out at:

Very difficult choice, but the winner will be announced soon.



A powerful polemic against post-modernism

English Patient

Setting: People are talking about having watched Charlotte's Web with some kids at Gracepoint, and how the kids were crying at this one part of the movie.

English Patient: Oh my gosh, I can't believe you actually took the kids to see that movie. The giant spider scares me so much. I thought that Frodo and Sam killed it? How did they make a sequel?

English Doctor: We watched Charlotte's Web, not Shelob's Web.

Dis-Gracepoint Demotivator Contest

This is a picture from a Thanksgiving Celebration at Gracepoint-Berkeley church.

What caption would you put on this picture? Give your input in the comments. (tip: run your caption by another person to see if you get the reaction that you were expecting)

TC in Berkeley church

You Know You've Been at the Y Too Long When...

- You can tell if the door is locked just by looking at it

- You know how to reset the router and can predict when it's going to go down

- You have been asked if you ever leave

- You have helped close the Y regularly

- You know how to close that stubborn window near the door

- There is a reserved section in the fridge that holds your lunch

- You think you hear the doorbell ring…even when it's not…and sometimes even when you're not at the Y

- You have dreams/nightmares that take place at the Y

- You have walked in on Fullmer giving one of his talks

- You have tried studying at other places (like the stacks, cafes, etc.) but have failed

- You know when people leave the faucet dripping, even when you're not near the bathroom

- You know how to make the outlet (the one by the patio and near the door) work (or not work)

- Gracepointers call you and ask if you're at the Y

- You study at the Y on weekends and holidays

- You start to recognize laptops, journals, Bibles, and ringtones

- You know when people have tests, papers, midterms, etc.

- You don't know where you're going to study/hang out/live next year

Jackson Reeves

One of the sickest scenes in Thanksgiving Celebration history of Gracepoint church.

[This video was deleted, for the sake of humanity... too many people have come up to me displaying symptoms of post-traumatic syndrome, so I decided to delete it]

The Worst Thanksgiving Celebration Ever

This is the worst TC skit ever in the history of Gracepoint, Berkeley, hands down. The lowlights from that traumatic skit...

[This video was deleted, for the sake of humanity... too many people have come up to me displaying symptoms of post-traumatic syndrome, so I decided to delete it]

Quote by an Anonymous Pastor

"Look, why don't you just stop the pretense and call this site what it is? This site is basically disgracemannypoint."

-- Anonymous Pastor of Gracepoint Church, Berkeley, soon to be Austin

Fellowship of the Youth

Gracepoint Berkeley Church Youth

GFC youth made this for their youth staff.



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Thank you for the submissions so far, I'm lining them up for future syndications. Disgracepoint would like more submissions, so please submit your stories as a comment.

Gracepoint Kids: Connecting with God

Setting: Elise: 5 years old; Michelle: 3 years old, around the dining table.

Grandma: Who wants to pray for the meal?

Elise: I will!

Grandma: Okay

Elise: Dear God, thank you for the food, and please help me and Michelle not to fight... and for grandma to be nice to us. In Jesus' name, Amen. (opens her eyes, looks at Michelle). Michelle, did you open your eyes when I was praying?

Michelle: No.

Elise: Grandma, did Michelle open her eyes?

Grandma: I don't know. I wasn't looking.

Elise: (looks up) God, did Michelle open her eyes? (pause, then looks at Michelle) He said yes.

Michelle: (looks up, pause, then looks at Elise) He said it's okay.

Train of Thought

bday present2

This is one of our originals - even though we got the picture from the web.

Pawn Shop


What someone drew during a game of Pictionary for "Pawn shop"

The Power of Media to Distort Reality

One of the senior brothers made this as a farewell gift for Pastor Manny Kim. I think this video really powerfully demonstrates media's ability to distort reality. When people ask Pastor Manny Kim whether or not this reflects reality, commenting how this senior brother who made the video got 3-4 shots out of the 2 hours of footage to make this video, he just repeats, "Well, I think what he did is a beautiful thing."

I guess brotherly love can also be blind.

English Patient

Setting: 2 people are talking about international students in their midst and how they are very intelligent.


Person: Man, they're geniuses

English Patient: Yeah, they're the cream of the corn!

Gracepoint Safety Video

This video was created as a part of the Sierra Lodge safety manual, but I can tell you that the unnamed brother gladly volunteered for the role of the bear. Many people have asked me, "How did you get him to play the bear?" And I tell them, "Hey, Kenton was excited to do that."

Sierra Lodge Competition: Pastor Ed vs. Daniel

I am still not sure how Pastor Ed Kang did it in 2 shots. I suspect that there was some kind of cheating going on.


youth dept in gfc

Obviously, these guys don't know about the 5-second rule (as long as you pick it up before 5 seconds, it's clean), or the eye-contact rule (as long as you keep your eye on it, it's clean).

Quotables by Brother Moon

Quote #1

B: Did you know that Wilson has a brother?

C: Really?

B: Yeah, His name's Carlton.

C: A freshmen?

B: No, Carlton's a Junior.

Moon: What??!!  Where's Carl's Jr?

Quote #2

R: What key are we playing this song in?

S: I think it's the key of C

Moon: What??!!  Where's KFC?

Quote #3

Moon: When you go to Japan, be sure to visit Mt. Sushi.

English Lesson: Idioms vs. Pants

"What?  I don't have English problems.  Hey come on, cut me some slacks!"

Don't Cry for Me

There was a time when Elise (3-years-old then) was saying good-bye to her favorite uncle, James. She followed him out to the door to say good-bye, and he knelt down in front of her to give her a hug.

As he did so, she started to tear up immediately, and James tried to comfort her by saying, "Elise, don't cry. I'll come back next time."

But she couldn't stop. We could tell that she was trying to control her tears, but they kept on flowing.

James, although his heart was melting, tried to be stern for her sake and said, "Elise! This is not something to cry over! Stop crying. I'll be back and play with you next time!"

When her tears became whimpers and then turned into a full-on outcry, Sarah stepped in and said, "Elise, stop it! Uncle James will be back! Why are you crying??"

Elise, with tears in her eyes, cried out, "Uncle James step on my foot!"

James then lifted his knee off of Elise' foot.

Moving Boxes

  Setting : A Slack message goes out regarding moving boxes -- "For the smaller boxes, let's try to fit them into our trunks of car...