The Power of Media to Distort Reality

One of the senior brothers made this as a farewell gift for Pastor Manny Kim. I think this video really powerfully demonstrates media's ability to distort reality. When people ask Pastor Manny Kim whether or not this reflects reality, commenting how this senior brother who made the video got 3-4 shots out of the 2 hours of footage to make this video, he just repeats, "Well, I think what he did is a beautiful thing."

I guess brotherly love can also be blind.


Anonymous said...

That was incredible ... Mr. Incredible!

Anonymous said...

maybe in pastor manny's mind, it's all reality. some people don't remember the shots they've missed, only the ones they've made. :)

Jenn Chen said...

That's selective attention/memory for you...I remember studying this in AP Psychology in high school.

Too bad I was in Taiwan and not at this church...this would've been a great field study.

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