Don't Cry for Me

There was a time when Elise (3-years-old then) was saying good-bye to her favorite uncle, James. She followed him out to the door to say good-bye, and he knelt down in front of her to give her a hug.

As he did so, she started to tear up immediately, and James tried to comfort her by saying, "Elise, don't cry. I'll come back next time."

But she couldn't stop. We could tell that she was trying to control her tears, but they kept on flowing.

James, although his heart was melting, tried to be stern for her sake and said, "Elise! This is not something to cry over! Stop crying. I'll be back and play with you next time!"

When her tears became whimpers and then turned into a full-on outcry, Sarah stepped in and said, "Elise, stop it! Uncle James will be back! Why are you crying??"

Elise, with tears in her eyes, cried out, "Uncle James step on my foot!"

James then lifted his knee off of Elise' foot.

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