Disgracepoint Game

The writer of this article has deleted this post, because the reporting was based on 10% solid fact, 40% doubtable fact, 20% exaggeration from those facts, and 30% based on what would really sound really funny if people actually said them.

For those who get confused by these articles, I recommend that you familarize yourself with the genre at:


Anonymous said...

hahaha. reminds me of the rugby match that never was between Cal and Stanford in 2001 b/c the Stanford team was full of fear and decided to forfeit. i found the hilarious article.

maybe someone should design a staff t-shirt to commemorate this moment...well, as long as it's not printed the night of the next scheduled match.

Abe said...

Too bad it's deleted. I have to admit that It was pretty hilarious (especially because a lot of it was fabricated).
Of course, with that said, I did have nightmares of people chanting, "Weaksauce! Weaksauce!"

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