You Know You've Been at the Y Too Long When...

- You can tell if the door is locked just by looking at it

- You know how to reset the router and can predict when it's going to go down

- You have been asked if you ever leave

- You have helped close the Y regularly

- You know how to close that stubborn window near the door

- There is a reserved section in the fridge that holds your lunch

- You think you hear the doorbell ring…even when it's not…and sometimes even when you're not at the Y

- You have dreams/nightmares that take place at the Y

- You have walked in on Fullmer giving one of his talks

- You have tried studying at other places (like the stacks, cafes, etc.) but have failed

- You know when people leave the faucet dripping, even when you're not near the bathroom

- You know how to make the outlet (the one by the patio and near the door) work (or not work)

- Gracepointers call you and ask if you're at the Y

- You study at the Y on weekends and holidays

- You start to recognize laptops, journals, Bibles, and ringtones

- You know when people have tests, papers, midterms, etc.

- You don't know where you're going to study/hang out/live next year


Jenn Chen said...

As the author of this list, I would like to express my sorrow at the Y not being open. I'm in the main stacks and it took me 3 hours to do an assignment that would have taken me half an hour to do. I also do not know how people get studying done here...the silence is killing me.

Marcus said...

As someone who has been living at the Y for the last two years, I would like to add one more item to the list: You know you've been at the Y too long when people see you outside the Y and look shocked and remark, "Wow, I can't believe I'm seeing you outside the Y!"

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