Dis-Gracepoint Demotivator Contest

This is a picture from a Thanksgiving Celebration at Gracepoint-Berkeley church.

What caption would you put on this picture? Give your input in the comments. (tip: run your caption by another person to see if you get the reaction that you were expecting)

TC in Berkeley church


Marcus said...

Casting: Some people weren't meant to be superheroes.

Anonymous said...

First Impressions: Why they shouldn't count that much.

Anonymous said...

all gut, no glory.

Anonymous said...

The Weight of Glory

Anonymous said...

Leadership: Doing things even when your gut says "no".

Inspiration: Sometimes it's over-rated.

Discipleship: If you want others to bleed you first need to hemorrhage.

Heroes: Some people are born heroes, and the rest are forced against their will.

Perseverance: If at first you don't succeed, then maybe you shouldn't wear red tights again.

Secret Identity: Just because you wear a black mask over your eyes, doesn't mean people won't recognize you.

Revelation: If acting is not for you, perhaps you should become a Pastor.

Anonymous said...

I'm incredibly hurting!

Anonymous said...

One man's shame is another man's gain.

Anonymous said...

Sacrifice: Sometimes you just don't know what its for

Anonymous said...

someone's gotta be the hero for this story it might as well be me.

Anonymous said...

Disguises—When you've already tried diet and exercise.

Anonymous said...

Make-believe—It was cute when you were six.

Anonymous said...

RELUCTANCE: Funny How It Only Comes Once Everyone Is Already Watching

Anonymous said...

Fame: the greatest of us begin somewhere.

Infamy: oh, you've risen in our esteem; we just remember when you hadn't. :)

Service: hey, bringing warm smiles to faces is bringing warm smiles to faces, no matter how may do it.

Teasing/Ridicule: because it's just so fun to watch them wince.

Trauma: when one looks back on his own past and laughs, he's usually the last one to do it.

Anonymous said...

PAIN: Sometimes it's not physical.

HERO: Just because you wear tights, doesn't mean that you are one.

GLORY: ... is not achieved by a mere pose.

English Patient: Trash Talking

Setting : Brother B trash talking on the basketball court... B: I just can read your book like my hand.