The Best Basketball Team in Gracepoint Church

A particular anonymous director brother who is also a pastor going to Austin has been going around challenging various brothers from different peer groups of Gracepoint church, claiming that his class peers can beat any other peer brothers in a game of basketball.  The only caveat is that his class will only play the "bottom 5" players of each class.

When asked about the fairness of such a setup, his defense is that "it doesn't matter if the Lakers didn't have their best players during a particular game against the Celtics.  If they lose, we can still legitimately say that the Celtics beat the Lakers."

What are your thoughts about this brother's endeavor to play the "bottom 5" of every class?


Unknown said...

It's like when one of my peer brothers blocked a shot from one of my peers sisters and then proceeded to gloat about the blocked shot.

We still don't know why he blocked her, and are more disturbed by the gloating. But his response to this day is: "What? She said it was o.k. to block her!"

In my head I thought. "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficiary."

And in response to this anonymous Pastor going to Austin. I believe his claim is ironic and true. True because his peers could take the bottom 5 of any peer class, and ironic because his team would consist of the bottom 5 peers. (Because they only have about 5.)

Daniel Kim said...

Gracepoint Fellowship Church in Berkeley honors this anonymous pastor, as he goes off to Austin this week. We love him very much. It's too bad that this "bottom 5" game never really happened.

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