Gracepoint Kids: Connecting with God

Setting: Elise: 5 years old; Michelle: 3 years old, around the dining table.

Grandma: Who wants to pray for the meal?

Elise: I will!

Grandma: Okay

Elise: Dear God, thank you for the food, and please help me and Michelle not to fight... and for grandma to be nice to us. In Jesus' name, Amen. (opens her eyes, looks at Michelle). Michelle, did you open your eyes when I was praying?

Michelle: No.

Elise: Grandma, did Michelle open her eyes?

Grandma: I don't know. I wasn't looking.

Elise: (looks up) God, did Michelle open her eyes? (pause, then looks at Michelle) He said yes.

Michelle: (looks up, pause, then looks at Elise) He said it's okay.

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Anonymous said...

My son has a habit of biting his fingers. So when I'm driving, I often tell him to take out his hand even when I'm not looking, just because I suspect that he's doing it again.

One day, I told him yet again "take out your hand Brandon". He said, "But my burger!" He wasn't eating anything, so I told him even more sternly, "Brandon, take out your hand now."

He replied again, "but my burger!"

"Is he playing make believe with me?" I thought.

So I said again, "Brandon..." and I started to turn around.

His hand was not in his mouth, it was in his nostril.

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