youth dept in gfc

Obviously, these guys don't know about the 5-second rule (as long as you pick it up before 5 seconds, it's clean), or the eye-contact rule (as long as you keep your eye on it, it's clean).


James said...

Reminds me of one time, over the summer, when a bunch of us A2Fers went out to dinner down College. We were walking back, and three of the brothers decided to stop at Ici, a nice ice cream place that always has a long wait. (Disclaimer: I was not one of the three, and so I've only heard this story secondhand.)

Anyways, these three brothers wait in line and, after a time, get their ice cream and are about to enjoy it. Unfortunately, before that can happen, one of these brothers - we'll call him J - drops his ice cream on the sidewalk.

Many people think the five-second rule is too permissive when 1) the dropped food item is ice cream and 2) it is dropped on a sidewalk, but this brother had waited too long and paid too much to be constrained by such niceties. And so, he picked it up, and continued consuming it.

Moments later, the ice cream was once again dropped on the sidewalk. And once again, this brother refused to bow to common sense, and proceeded to finish his ice cream. He did say, later, that it was a bit "gritty" after the second time.

Jenn Chen said...

Had James not put in that disclaimer, I would have thought that he was brother J.

I've actually heard a lot of stories about members of GFC and the five-second rule...probably more than I would like.

Unknown said...

the point was that we all avoid looking at it so that the brother that dropped it couldn't eat it. (He ate it after the picture anyways

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