Factoid about Demotivators

Hello disgracepoint readers,

Just letting you know… all the published demotivators (the ones that already come with captions) were made BY the people who are featured in the demotivator. So if there’s a demotivator that I published without asking the readers for a creative caption, that means that picture was posed, and they themselves came up with the caption. It was usually for some kind of staff appreciation or birthday gift. When I ask for a caption, I do monitor for appropriateness, by the way.

Just wanted to let people know that, so that you don’t feel like the caption-providers are being just mean. Because if you thought that some unknown caption provider (like me) was just writing these captions, some of the demotivators might seem pretty cruel.

1 comment:

parkben said...

however, perhaps we should require a name from those who submit captions for the caption contests. that way we can also vote for the meanest caption-writer too.

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