Blasphemous Career

Sister Y: So, Brother W, what do you do at your job?

Brother W: I work at a solar company...

Sister Y: So you make solar panels?

Brother W: Yeah, we do that, but also work on the entire system from batteries to wiring and things... So we set up the entire solar system.

Sister Y: (quite serious) What? Only God makes solar systems!!

NOTE: Sister Y claimed later that she was just joking, and that she was just making fun of Brother W's awkward expression "solar system".  It only goes to show you the prejudice against English Patients, who can't even say clever word puns without being misunderstood.  I believe Sister Y.


Anonymous said...

the true story is:

sister y: so what do you do at work?
brother w: i design solar system
sister y: what, solar system is designed by God!

Dora said...

i give props to sister y for trying to be punny

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