Vegetarian Smokies

submitted by Tracy

Setting: At Gracepoint SD, they were preparing the lil' smokies for the post Bible-study bonfire.

Brother R: Hey, I bought some vegetarian smokies, so don't mix the two packages, okay?

Sister: I don't see any vegetarian ones...

Brother R: It's right there.  (points to bag)

Sister: But that bag says it's turkey smokies.

Brother R: Yeah, so set that aside for vegetarians.

Sister: (pause) But turkey is meat.

Brother R: [silence]


Richard (Yen) said...

Note that an initial was left out. It wasn't Brother RY

John said...

I wholeheartedly sympathize with brother R's confusion.

LS said...

From Davis...

Child: Auntie! The SF Giants WON!!
Sister: Yes, they did! Do you know what game they won?
Child: Um... Soccer?
Sister: No...
Child: Football?
Sister: No...
Child: Dodgeball?
Sister: (laughing) No...
Child: (annoyed) What did they play?? TELL me.

(Child just so happened to be holding a toy Hello Kitty baseball bat.)

Sister: It's what you're holding.
Child: OH. BATball.

Arie said...

I think that comment from Davis above was meant to be its own entry. It's pretty funny... I'd post it!

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