English Patient: Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Sister C from Gracepoint Davis was looking for her car keys, and said to everyone,

“Okay, everyone! Peel your eyes!”

Disclaimer: The real slang is “to keep your eyes peeled”.. I know that many English Patients out there might object to this saying, “What is the difference?” After all, “keeping your eyes peeled” is practically the same as “peel your eyes.” And I must admit that the difference between the two phrases is quite nuanced, which makes it pretty difficult to explain why “peel your eyes” is funny. If I were pressed for an explanation, I would say that one is in the passive voice and the other is in the active, imperative voice. Don’t ask me, all you frustrated and confused English Patients, why that should suddenly make this phrase funny. It just does.


Anonymous said...

OKAY I have to admit that I asked my friend who showed this to me, "What's wrong with this?"

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - an alternative title to this could be "Are you an English Patient?"

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with this! I peel my eyes all the time.

-adamant English patient

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