New Jeans

One pair of jeans had been hanging on our clothes rack for days.

"Whose pants are these? Who is this person not putting away her clothes?" says sister K as she snatches the jeans off the rack and interrogates her roommates one by one.

“Are these yours?” Each person responds with ease, “No, it’s not mine.”

C with her reasoning abilities logically eliminates her other roommates as the potential owner. Only K remains.

Then C asked K slowly, in a confused voice, “Are they yours?”

K takes a second look at the jeans, pauses, “Uhm… No, I don’t think so.”

The next day, K still holding onto the pair of jeans, examines the jeans more closely. She decides to put them on, and it fits her perfectly. She walks around the apartment sporting her “new” jeans.

E exclaims, “Oh, those jeans fit you so well!”

K replies, “Hmm, I wonder if they’re mine.”

E, perplexed, asks, “Don’t you remember the brand or what they look like?”

K answers, “Well, this is a Mervyn’s brand. And I do shop at Mervyn’s…”

The rest of us, trying to sympathize with her, ask her, “So, K, …how many pairs of jeans do you have?”

“Just two.”

Submitted by Joyce Yen

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Anonymous said...

I can see K doing that...

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