Pun With Gracepoint: I have a hard time believing my eyes

Setting: At the Ft. Worth stockyards, where they have a 'cattle drive' twice a day. But the actual count of heads of cattle was quite underwhelming...

John: Hey, what did y'all think of those longhorn cattle?

Judge: There were so few cows, it was unbullievable..

Note by the moderator of disgracepoint: I am not sure if Judge was ever into puns while he was in Berkeley.. From what I heard, I heard that Judge was never into puns in Berkeley.

I know that we were staying away from puns for a while, but I thought I should post this one, because this incident illustrates a different point.. the fact that the puns of Gracepoint Austin seems to have a contagious quality -- like the Plague.


Jenn Chen said...

I don't think he was, or at least not when we were at the Y (which was probably 99% of the time). I think something about Gracepoint Austin just brought it out in him.

Anonymous said...

maybe all we need is more bovine encounter.

Unknown said...

Does anyone find it ironic that Cal and Texas are perfect rivals for the economy and puns?

Puns at Texas are unbullievable and
puns at Cal are unbearable.

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