Cramming (Part 2)

Note: In order for this story to make sense, you need to first read the previous post (Cramming Part 1).

A few weeks after Parent Teacher Conference and the bewildering talk with his 1st grade daughter, the father has a little chat with his daughter again...

Father: So, how's school been?

Daughter: Good!

Father: Have you been a good girl in class?

Daughter: (pause) I think so.

Father: Have you been speaking too loud in class?

Daughter: [silence]

Father: (concerned) Have you been too loud?

Daugther: (long pause) I don't think so...

Father: Okay, have you gotten in trouble in class recently?

Daughter: What do you mean "recently"?


Christopher Chan said...

Smart child!

Brent B said...

hahaha! already using the "pause," the "silence," and the "what do you mean by [quantifier]?" a master rhetorician in the making.

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