Beware of Health Club "Free Trials"

This is a true story of a particular brother E who, upon receiving a month-long "free trial" coupon, went into the health club intending to just get one month of free usage.

But as this brother will testify, it's not that easy.

One day, a huge, 225 lb staff member of the health club with arms the size of brother E's waistline approached brother E and asked if he can come inside his office.

"What's your health worth to you?" asked the huge guy - a rather typical starter for these buff salesmen.

"It's... um... important," said brother E.

"How important is it? Is it important enough to spend just 1 dollar a day?" asked the huge guy.

Knowing where this is going, brother E tried to avoid these questions, and just kept on saying that he just wants to try it out for 1 month and see. This persistence of brother E seemed to be wearing the huge guy down, because he started to use level 2 tactics.

"Okay, let's just be frank here," said the huge guy, "if you are just here for the free trial thing, then if you need me to spot you or something, then I'm not gonna be motivated to do anything for you, because I wanna take care of my paid customers, you know what I'm sayin'?"

"That's okay, I'm okay with that," said brother E with a smile.

It is said that that particular smile is what really compelled the huge guy to skip over level 3 and 4 and go right into level 5 tactics...

The huge guy suddenly got quiet and stared into E's eyes. Then with all seriousness, he said, "Take a look at your arms right now... Go ahead.. Take a look."

Brother E didn't know where this was going, but not knowing how to refuse such a simple request, he made the mistake of looking at his own arms.

"Do you want those arms for the rest of your life?" the huge man asked.

Next thing brother E remembers is signing the 2-year contract for $800. After that incident, brother E recounts going there only 2 more times, which makes each visit calculate out to be $400 each.

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Jen Tse said...

Hilarious! That's why I don't like salesman...

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