Need for Calcium

Setting: Brother J goes into Jamba Juice

J: Umm... I usually add calcium to my drink, but I don't see that option anymore...

Cashier: Yeah, we no longer have that option.. But we do have extra calcium in the "Fem Boost" option.


J: (looks around and whispers) Yeah, could I have strawberry with Fem Boost?

[2 minutes later]

Cashier: (shouts) Strawberry with Fem Boost for Jammy!!


Anonymous said...

it's ok jammy. we know you were man enough to get the fem boost without getting embarrassed.

Jon said...

hey, at least his name could be misconstrued for a girls' name....

English Patient: Self-Flagellation

Setting: Brother X talking about overly beating himself up... X: Ah man.. I'm so self-flatulating.