Hurting: American Idol

Setting: A bunch of people were playing the game Catchphrase.

Hurting: Oh, oh... the person who's on that show.. that mean person!

Others: What? Family Feud! What game?

Hurting: American Idol! The mean judge!

Others: Oh, oh... Simon!

Hurting: No, no! The mean one!

Others: Simon Cowell? That's his name right?

Hurting: No! Not him!


Others: Oh man! time's up! What was the answer?

Hurting: Colin Powell.


Jenn Chen said...

Oh my...this has got to be the hurting-est thing I've ever heard.

Kelly said...

That's Powell and Simon Cowell...I agree, that is probably the most painful name mix-up I've heard.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... playing catchphrase is dangerous because it can reveal how little you really know.

debbie said...

Darn it, I just had to be drinking some boba as i read this entry... my screen is a mess now.

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