English Patient: The Meaning of Hay

This is a story of 2 English Patients, Brother S and Brother Y.

Brother S was asked by the 7-year-old Jonathan Suh to read him a children’s picture book about farm animals. Brother S was a bit nervous, because he didn’t want to be caught with a word that he didn’t know from a children’s book.

But upon the 7-year-old’s insistence, Brother S relented and started to read the book. Then his fears came to fruition.. He ran into the word that he didn’t know. H-A-Y

He kept on reading, hoping that Jonathan will not ask him about the definition of that mysterious word. Thankfully, he didn’t ask Brother S what “hay” was, so Brother S survived through the reading without a glitch.

Brother S then met Brother Y, a more infamous English Patient. Brother S asked Brother Y, “Do you know what the word H-A-Y means?”

Brother Y confidently replied, “Oh yeah.. HAY is the past tense of HEY. Like I hay him yesterday.”


Bren said...

Shouldn't it be Brother N formerly known as Brother S.

Modest Money Guide said...

If I'm not mistaken, Brother S is now Brother N among us :)

wenjie said...

That's the real reason Brother S changed his name to Brother N, and is very adamant about it too!

Now I know why...

fitzgirl said...

my question is, why would one english patient turn to another english patient for help in english? that's like me asking tim for help in korean. or james.

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