Happy Birthday

A story of how a group of peer brothers celebrated one of their own's birthday...

A particular brother emails his peers from Taiwan to remind them that it's Brother K's 30th birthday.  So they plan to have a nice breakfast on Saturday morning.  Even though he's really busy, Brother R stays up all night to make a nice frame celebrating his 30th.  On Saturday morning, they get together and this is the conversation that they had.

Brother R: Okay, I guess we're waiting for Brother K...  Wow, big 30.

Brother D: Actually... it's not his 30th.  It's actually his 29th birthday.

Brother R: What??  Are you serious?  How long did you know about this?

Brother D: Since I got the email, I knew that it wasn't his 30th.

Brother R: I can't believe you didn't tell us.  I made the frame and everything!  Well, I guess we can just explain to him why the words on the frame are wrong.  How come he's not here?

Brother W: Actually, he's not around.  He went down to San Jose.

Brother R: What??

Brother W: Yeah.

Brother R: And you knew about this?

Brother D: How come you didn't tell us?

Brother W: [silence]  Let's just have breakfast.


Jonathan said...

Wow. The weird thing is I can imagine that happening with my peers.

Anonymous said...

I bet you these particular brothers are smarter as individuals, and then "groupthink" takes over and then hilarity ensues =P I was hoping this story would never make it to this Site, but alas...

Anonymous said...

This would only happen to brothers...

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