Matching Colors

submitted by Yumi

Yumi walks into the Y one day and is greeted by Brother B.  As she walks by him, B stops Yumi and asks with a smile, "Hey Yumi, you really like brown, don't you?" 

After looking at herself and realizing that she was wearing brown sweatshirt and green pants, she answers, "Yah, I guess so."

"You're the only person I know who wears brown head-to-toe," said B.

"Oh my gosh, you're color-blind!  I'm wearing green pants!" Yumi exclaimed.

What's seems amazing to me is not the severity of Brother B's color-blindness, but the fact that he says stuff like this.

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Anonymous said...

One time brother B exclaimed to me, "Hey, we're wearing the same-colored shirt." I was wearing a brown shirt, while he was wearing a green one

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