An Old Picture

Submitted by: Anonymous

Take a look at this picture of several cute 5-year-olds and see if you recognize anyone.

Hint: This kid is now known as Pastor J, and he's currently serving at Gracepoint A.
And yes, it does seem like he's wearing a skirt.  But they are shorts.


Anonymous said...

By the way, there were other boys in that class. Yes, boys wore shorts but they made us wear stockings as well. That's why I'm not smiling in that picture. In fact, I'm still recovering from the trauma...

Pastor Joong "Jonathan" Lee
Gracepoint Austin Church

(Daniel, I am not ashamed so you don't need to make them guess who that cute 5-year old is.)

Daniel Kim said...

I'm sure that there were other boys there. But I think they were in the boys line. And this is the girls line. That's how much of a pretty boy this Boy J was.

Anonymous said...

Skirts or shorts... doesn't matter because he's wearing tights underneath. We all did back then... didn't we? Didn't we?

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