A New Jacket

A brother J was walking around one day with a new jacket. Someone asked him where he got that jacket, and he said, "Oh, I just got it from the lost and found here. It's been sitting there for a long time. It looks good on me, huh?"

Then a sister said, "Wait a minute, that's Emily's jacket."


Anonymous said...

haha, i've heard people at Gracepoint joke that the best way to find the owner of a lost jacket is to wear it around for awhile, but this is something else!

be careful what you choose to "borrow" from the lost and found bin... =)

Anonymous said...

aaaaah, jason, i promise i did not submit this story!!! it must have been ray, who thinks this is the best story ever. he requests that i tell it during "funny story" time, but i always refuse. now...the world knows. deepest regrets!

Anonymous said...

i'm actually a friend of this brother. i saw the coat, which was a light grey pea coat and let me tell you, it did NOT look like a men's coat. if i remember correctly, even the buttons were on the other side (left) which is usually an indicator that it's women's. =Þ

Anonymous said...

how interesting. i (an older sister) lent my jacket to jason "tourne" as a costume during his sophomore year for Christian Festival... and a couple years later, i noticed that he was still wearing it. i didn't say anything though... i had moved on. :)

at his defense, however, i think it actually is a men's jacket that my mom had gotten me.

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