Poor Brother A: Library

The following is a true story from the past of brother A and his older sister L who are among us today.

One day, sister L said: "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we make our rooms into libraries? You can borrow my books, and I can borrow your books."

Hiding his initial excitement, brother A looked at his older sister suspiciously and asked, "Do I have to pay?"

"No silly, you can borrow library books for free!"

"Oh yeah! Let's do that, then!"

Brother A then proceeded to go over to his sister's room and borrowed a big stack of books. Sister L played the good librarian and jotted down which books were being borrowed and marked the date.

"These are due in 2 weeks," said sister L with a smile.

"All right!" said brother A excitedly, who immediately forgot about the books and didn't read a single one.

After 3 months, brother A remembered and tried to return the books, with a few missing books of course.

"There is a late fee and a lost book fee," said sister L, "and it'll be $20."

Brother A tried to argue, but sister L simply showed him that this is how libraries work, and that he can't argue against libraries.. So brother A paid, blowing his life savings that he had accrued since the last time he got ripped off.

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