Dump Truck

Setting: USF Spring Kickoff. Brother D was in charge of taking out the trash. After dinner, all the trash from the event is piled up and ready to be taken out, so brother D heads out to put the trash in brother M's truck, as planned. He finds the truck, gets all the trash in nicely piled in the bed of the truck, and he straps the tarp in, so the trash doesn't fly out. On the way back to the room, he was acknowledging how great of a night it was.

When it's time to load up stuff and go home, brother M pulls up in his truck. Brother D looks at the truck, then looks in the bed of the truck.

Brother D: Hey! Where's the trash?

Brother M: What trash?

Brother D: The trash that I put in your truck!

Brother M: I didn't see anything. (pause) Are you sure you put the trash into MY truck?


Brother D: My tarp!!!


Mark B said...

I still wonder how that poor person must've reacted when they discovered a pile of garbage in the back of their truck. At least they got a free tarp out of it.

Jenn said...

I would like to thank Brother M, Brother D, and all the other people featured in Dis-Gracepoint stories for bringing so much laughter, amusement, and "oh my!" moments into my life...

Sometimes I have trouble staying awake at work and simply remembering these stories makes me laugh (and therefore stay awake).

Brother D said...

They forgot to mention that brother D was working for a Garbage Company at the time. In fact, he was a professional Trash Talker (Customer Service Rep.) But he eventually quit the job because it stunk (Literally). Although he appreciates the opportunity to recycle these jokes. But on a serious note, I can't believe I put the garbage in the wrong truck!

Frances Leong said...

hahaha even though I dunno any of these ppl mentioned in the story, it still made me laugh! haha

was that tarp the good and expensive kind? awww...

Will said...

To this day, I still see these trucks that look like Brother M's truck and I wonder - were you the unfortunate person who found endless bags of Kalbi bones in your truck?

Beautiful Sunset

Setting: Leaving Zion National Park Brother J: Wow, the sun is so beautiful.  Did you know that it sets in the south here?