Brother Monk

A particular man in our midst, who will remain anonymous (the identity of this man is to remain strictly confidential, as evidenced by the effort put into protecting his identity in the photo), walked into Berkel Berkel, which is a Korean restaurant on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley.

After sitting down, he ordered Bulgogi, which is a common Korean BBQ beef dish.  What he didn't know was that the owner of Berkel Berkel was a Buddhist.  After ordering, the owner came out to this particular brother and said with a disturbed look on his face:

"Ummm... should you be ordering this?  I'm not sure if I feel okay about selling meat to a..."

Brother D quickly realized what was happening and said, "Oh, I'm not a monk."

The owner's eyes widened, and he tried to quickly recover, "Oh... is that so?  Wow, I just thought that since your face looked so peaceful, you must have been...  Well, then, enjoy."

I'm not really sure about the owner's logic... First of all, if your Buddhist convictions are bothered by someone eating meat, why are you selling meat in the first place?  Second, I highly doubt that the owner made his judgment by looking at how peaceful this particular brother's face looked.


Jenn said...

Haha...I love the efforts that were put into protecting this "anonymous" brother.

steven_choi said...

I wonder if Brother G would get the same reaction...but I somehow doubt it.

Paul said...

what duh.. he isn't a monk?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the owner was using "peaceful" as an excuse to get out of the situation...

Beautiful Sunset

Setting: Leaving Zion National Park Brother J: Wow, the sun is so beautiful.  Did you know that it sets in the south here?