Being Stubborn

Submitted by Brother B.  This story demonstrates powerfully why we shouldn't be stubborn.

Last semester, I was short one unit so I signed up for a DeCal called Chinese Dance.  My roommate E kept warning me, "Don't go, don't go."  But I stubbornly replied, "I need the units or I'll drop out of college!"  So I went to the first class expecting some kind of dancing, until I saw the instructors, both girls, stretching by doing the splits.  As I waited in the room, I saw some girls come in, and then some more girls come in, and I began to suspect that Chinese dance was meant for women but I was determined to stay in the class no matter what to get my one unit.  I kept hoping that a guy will show up, but none ever did, and I realized that Chinese dance really was meant for women, but I was determined to get my one unit no matter what.

The instructors proceeded to lead the class through the most awkward and humiliating stretches that I shudder to recall, but I forced myself to think happy thoughts.  Next, the instructors sat us down and told us that we would be performing the dances we will learn onstage in Hertz Hall, but my heart was hardened and I ignored the warning.  Then the instructors demonstrated exactly what kind of dancing we would be doing.  They each took a red fan and a red hankerchief and showed us exactly why Chinese dance was not meant for men.  I began to turn red and sweat, but even still I shut my eyes and thought happy thoughts.

Then came the last straw.  The instructors took out two boxes, one with fans and the other with hankerchiefs, and told us to pick up one of each.  I didn't care about my oen unit anymore.  I was thoroughly humiliated; I had no more happy thoughts left; and I was drenched in cold sweat.  I was shivering as I walked out of the room as calmly as I could back to my apartment.  I said to my roommate, "You were right."


Jeff Chiu said...


I like the way you write. It's as if I can see everything in my head! haha

Kim said...

This was SO hilarious when you shared it during bible study!!!!

Wilson said...

Oh my gosh, I just read this in my office at work, and I started tearing up laughing! OK ... gotta get ready for my next patient.

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