Spanish Patient: Salsa

Setting: At Safeway

dis-gracepoint salsa
Sister Y: Hi, I’m looking for the Cinco de Mayo salsa.  Do you know where they are?


Vanessa Orozco said...

I would really like to know what the Cinco de Mayo Salsa is....never heard of it =)

Anonymous said...

Must be a very limited time seasonal salsa of sorts.

William Kang said...

Yaozers! I wonder who could have said this?

alex said...

The true Spanish/everything patient:
Brother A looks over to Brother J's laptop and reads this post with him.
Brother A chuckles after finishing the post.
Brother J: Wait, what's so funny? Isn't salsa a dance and a sauce?
Brother A: ...

gracelin said...

thanks p. will! i was wondering which sister y it could be haha

Andrew Dussault said...

After telling my family about this my little brother asked:
"What's Cinco de Mayo, some Jewish holiday?"

English Patient: Self-Flagellation

Setting: Brother X talking about overly beating himself up... X: Ah man.. I'm so self-flatulating.