Unintended Meaning: Break it Down

Setting: A bunch of staff are gathered together at Gracepoint Austin to plan for an event, and they start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out about all the logistics that they need to take care of.

Staff: Oh my gosh!  That's a lot of stuff that we need to think about!

Sister S: Okay, everyone.  Calm down, and let's think about the steps one at a time and have a mental breakdown.

Note to all English Patients: There's a big difference between "mentally breaking it down" and a "mental breakdown".  Don't ask me why.  That's just how weird English is.


Yang said...

Always knew that English is something that doesn't make sense =)

Anonymous said...

breaking it down = taking things apart; mentally describes how so. mental describes breakdown, which means falling apart. taking and falling apart are two completely different thigns.

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