Hello readers,

I am happy to announce that the Pun with Gracepoint has come back.  There was a time when disgracepoint tried to do a takeover on the pun site by featuring our own puns, but we had realized how grave of a mistake that was.. not because those puns were horrible, but mostly because we had failed to realize how many of our loyal disgracepoint readers were English Patients, who were simply dumbfounded by these puns which they could not comprehend. So we had come up with an exit strategy.

Now, however, enough time has passed to allow the pain to heal, we are happy to announce to you the PunWithGracepoint site again, proudly standing independently from disgracepoint.  We are proud of them, and although the exit strategy was abrupt and painful, we are happy that punwithgracepoint is alive and well, despite the fact that it still remains to be very unfriendly toward English Patients.

Check out their latest puns at: http://punwithgracepoint.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

was just thinking about how much I missed that site. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

oh no...

Brother S: Man... Ocean is scary.  Because nothing can survive in the ocean.